White Jeans

Hey Loves!

My mother would NEVER let me wear anything white. She always told me that there is no way anything would stay white. So her logic was to avoid it at all costs. But I always thought white jeans looked so cute! So when Old Navy came out with “stain proof” white jeans, and then had a sale… Well, I just couldn’t help myself.




True enough, these jeans actually stay white!! You can spill red wine on these babies and nothing will come of it!

I definitely recommend these. Especially if you were like me, and avoided white anything!

Choker: TopShop

Top: Shein

Pants: Old Navy

Shoes: Steve Madden



7 thoughts on “White Jeans

  1. I used to like them too, but your mother, I’m sad to say, has a point. The last time I wore them, I managed to sit in tar. I’d never sat in tar before and haven’t since. I swear, something about wearing white attracts that stuff.

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