Genius Pack

Hi Guys!

So I recently stumbled upon this amazing brand of luggage! Let me introduce you to Genius Pack! Firstly, go check out their website https://www.geniuspack.comFullSizeRender 35


Not only does it look super chic and stylish, it is also SO convenient. This suitcase is incredibly light weight and really durable for when you travel. It also has all these fun compartments to really help you organize!

My absolutely favorite part is the separate section for your laundry! You have no idea how many times I have travelled and just thrown everything (clean and dirty) into the washing machine when I get home. Purely because I never found a good way of separating them.


I can’t wait to go traveling again just to use this Genius Pack suitcase!!!

Extremely lightweight & durable. Roll 360 degrees with 8 silent-gliding spinner wheels. Click in the zipper pullers to the integrated combination lock. Interior panel engineered with designated category compartments, permanent packing checklist to ensure you packed it all, and secluded laundry compartment to keep your unclean clothes secluded.


• Secluded Laundry Compartment
• Interior Organizational Compartments
• Integrated Packing Checklist for think free packing
• 25″ Upright: Check-in luggage
• Integrated TSA friendly combination lock
• 8 durable silent gliding spinner wheels
• Extremely light weight
• 100% Crush-proof durable poly-carbonate film
• 25 x 10 x 15.5 in. Weight: 8.2 lbs Capacity: 60 L


Check them out!

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