Unique Minimalist Watches for Valentine’s Day

Wooden Wrist Watch

Puridea Power Bank

When joel and I first moved to DC I remember getting lost in the city. Both our phones had less than 5% battery left and we were so incredibly helpless. We ended up actually buying a new charger costing over $60! After that I vowed to never leave my house without a fully charged phone.

But as most of you iPhone owners know, our battery life deteriorates quickly! I soon realized how much I needed an external battery source that I could carry around in my purse. However, I could never find one that was aesthetically pleasing and could charge both mine and Joel’s phones!

Welcome in Puridea!!!

image1This is an absolute life saver! This power bank fits perfectly in my purse, and allows me to charge multiple devices at one time! Also it is absolutely stunning! Now I never have to worry about forgetting to charge my phone, or spending too much time on Instagram! Plus I will never again be lost in a big city without a phone! Thank you so much Puridea!


You guys can shop this product here: https://www.amazon.com/PURIDEA-Portable-Charger-External-Blackberry/dp/B01EUAOMQS

Also check them out on Instagram: @puridea_official


I cannot tell you how much I love this power bank! I literally carry it around everywhere! Total. Game. Changer.

Vichy USA

Hey Angels,

I recently received this amazing package from Vichy USA. Vichy has so many different skincare products, and sent me three of their new masks. The masks are incredible!! I have really dry, sensitive skin, and these products make my skin look glowing! After using the masks, your feel so incredibly refreshed.

Check them out!


T3 Micro Volumizing Heated Rollers

Hey Loves,

I recently received an incredible package from T3 Micro. They sent me these volumizing heated rollers. They are AMAZING. I can never ever curl my hair properly, but these babies made it so easy. You simply heat them up, leave them int our hair for a few minutes, and BOOM. Pretty curly hair.

Bonus, you can leave them in while doing your makeup in the morning. It saves tons of time!

These are truly awesome.



Hey Guys!

Okay, so I have a confession, I LOVE moisturizers!!! I recently stumbled upon the ageLOC device and oh my god it is AMAZING!!

What is ageLOC Me?
A customized anti-aging skin care device that hygienically dispenses a combination of ageLOC serums and moisturizers.
How does it work?
You download the ageLOC Me app and answer a series of questions about your skin and your environment. It creates a customized regimen for you that is mailed each month in the form of cartridges that you insert into your Me device, similar to a Keurig machine!



I hope you love it just as much as I do


Stay warm xox